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SpanienLocation and Environs

Miami Playa, Costa Dorada, Catalonia (Spain)

The quiet location with access to all amenities is, for the most part, distinguished by private villas. Long, gentle sand beaches that glide into the sea mix with intimate sand-stone inlets and planned harbor promenades.

The sand beach is only 500 meters away from the Villa Laura, thus easily accessible on foot. The villa is in a quiet and beautiful part of town where there are no skyscrapers and there is no through-traffic. Yet it is centrally located so that you can easily make your purchases, whether at the supermarket, the newspaper stand, or the bakers all of which lie 3 to 4 minutes away within a 250m walking distance.

Access to Supplies

The villa is located near the town center and close to the church. It is approximately 500m from the beach. Within a mere 3 minute walking distance, you will find the baker who sells his freshly baked goods throughout the day and a large supermarket where you can find all your food needs, including fresh fruit, all types of drinks, and a large selection of meat and fish. A newspaper stand providing a variety of German-language newspapers and journals. A pharmacy where you can easily obtain your medication. The main street is lined by a variety of smaller stores, banks, and boutiques. Several good restaurants and sophisticated bars are nearby. And we want to particularly emphasize the well-known “El Niu” restaurant with its excellent French-Spanish cuisine and the very originally equipped “El Molino” bar.

BarcelonaLocation & Environs

The quite villa town has fascinating sand beaches with a comfortable climate which invites you to enjoy excursions in the interesting environs or the many possibilities for leisure activities. The villa can be your starting point for bicycle tours through the hills of the back country or the level beach region. You have access to 2 golf courses and tennis courts which are close-by (3 to 7 km away).

You can also take advantage of reasonably-priced excursions on the local railways which travels approximately 100m from the coast and stops in Hospitalet. You can visit Barcelona without having to worry about parking, enjoy a sightseeing bus tour there or visit the Port Aventura amusement park or Tortosa in the Ebro Valley.

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Opportunities for Sports

Fishing, swimming, bicycling, golf, mountain biking, riding, sailing, surfing, diving, tennis, water skiing.

WasserportInformation for Golf Players

Approx. 3km from the villa you will find the ‘Bonmont’ golf course with tennis courts. Another 18 golf course is approx. 7km away at ‘Mont Roig’.